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Digital & Mobile Publishing Simplified.

GradMags transforms your publications into rich media, interactive digital editions and branded mobile apps.

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Communications, Marketing & PR

Reap the benefits of having a branded native app and added exposure on the iTunes app store. Drive repeat reader engagement; increase reader attention and lower content distribution costs.

University Admissions

The ultimate “show and tell” publication format to educate prospective candidates on all your institution has to offer. Make your viewbooks and admissions collaterals literally come to life while broadening your reach.

Deans & Student Services Offices

Centralize all your guides, rulebooks and publications in a single newsstand app to make it easy for parents, students and fraternal organizations to access the information you need them to understand.

Non-Profit & Alumni Associations

Increase the value of membership, optimize member and donor engagement and offer your advertisers enhanced packages to reach your digital and mobile app subscribers.

“Built with the busy editor in mind….”
- CollegeWebEditor

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